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It all started because the legal industry got too stuffy. Lawyers became very difficult to access and really expensive. The industry had adopted borderline extortionate fees, confusing language and slow response time – with results that are far from satisfactory.

It's no longer workable and we want to drive that change. We want to provide flexible, affordable, on-demand support with the optimal results while keeping the entire process and fee structure simple.

Our team of consultants are professional and experienced in most of the areas that are being practiced in a law firm today.

Our goal is to serve our clients the full spectrum of the legal protection in the different fields whether individual, family or business. Reinforcing our commitment to reach a successful resolution by trial or settlement.

pic "We are fully committed to supporting our clients from involvement in any kind of legal disputes and further complications with respect to the Law."

Too many cases weighing you down?

Having problems with court and police cases can put an awful lot of stress on anyone. Before you know it, It will start to affect your mood, your sleep, your performance at work and your interaction with family and friends.
And, if you don't deal with it in time, it can end with more debt, legal cases, a broken family and even jail.

But don't worry, we will find out if you have any cases, and how serious it is. Then we help you find a solution so you can regain control of your life.


Happy clients who are now debt free

  • “I am truly thankful for, who helped me clear my cases and I sleep a lot better now.”
    — Dan Gibon, Interface Designer
  • “The debt case dashboard really helped me get a clear overview and closed all my cases for me. Thank you po!”
    — Frincess Delaverde, Retail Shop Supervisor
  • “I didn't know how many cases I actually had, but found out and helped me close them. Thank you so much.”
    — Samantha Prichard, Architect

Click the buttons to see your steps to clearing your cases.

  • 1: Registration

    Add a few details to get started. Basically verify that we have the correct email address and you're good to go. Remember, even the longest journey, starts with one small step - you just took that step!

  • 2: Start up

    Ok, great, you're registered. Now it's time to pay the "Get status fee" so we can start finding out how many cases you have, if any. And of course, what to do about them - how to solve them. Once you've paid the fee, which is the lowest in the market btw, then we will start looking in all the legal systems here and adding the cases in the admin backend, so you can see the overview there.

  • 3: Clean up

    Now your case or cases are added, you've checked whether or not you've added all the documents and signed the Consent Form that allows help you. Now we will suggest a path forward and give you a price for that. This is the case management fee. This fee varies from person to person, from case to case, based on the situation. But essentially it covers closing the case or cases you have.

  • 4: Settlement

    If you've accepted the case management fee, we'll now go fight for you! Our experienced case settlement experts will contact the courts and learn more about your case situation, and they'll do their very best to get you the best agreement possible. They always negotiate the best possible solution - but remember in cases involvng debt, you can get a better settlement, if you can do a one-off payment, but monthly installments are also acceptable. You can follow the progress, and ask questions, from your personal, secure dashboard on

  • 5: Case(s) closed

    We've cleared your cases and guess what? You are now free to "restart" your life without stress from all the court cases hanging over your head!

    No more headaches and be prepared to sleep like a baby - congrats! We are happy for you, now go live a happy life. Don't forget to recommend us to your friends, we want to help as many as possible become free of cases and be happy.


We can help you in all these types of situations:

Criminal cases

Whether your case comes from a personal loan, credit card, car loans or a bankloan, we can help.

Civil cases

Also in civil cases can we help you find the best solution to close your cases and move on.

Labor cases/absconding

Any kind of labor disputes and cases or even absconding cases or overstay - we can help.

Business cases

We also help businesses/companies in cases of fraud, forgery, cheque bounce, absconding, overstay etc.

Cheque cases

Bounced cheques cases, both private or commercial/business or rental cheques - we can help.

Peace of mind

Let us help you clear the cases you have with the best possible outcome, so you can start a happy life with peace of mind.

Got a question? Ask us anything...

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Get control of your life with your own personal case management dashboard. comes with an easy to use interface where you can manage your court and/or debt cases, and you can easily see the progress and pending resolution on each case.

One place for all docs and comms

Collect all your documents and communication in one place and monitor the progress we're doing on your cases. Protected by SSL encryption and a strong password policy, only you and our case settlement experts will have access to it.


Case closed

Having a lot of cases weighs heavy on anyones shoulders and can cause stress, sleepless nights or worse. closing them will itself be a great step towards peace of mind and better sleep. Our experts also use it to mange each of your court cases and update you on the progress.

One low fee gives a full overview

Minimal fee's

We would love to be able to work for you for free, but unfortunately we have expenses as well.

Our client status fee is paid upfront and offers a clear view of your current legal and debt situation. The case management fee is different from case to case and we will let you know this after we've done the initial exploration of your situation. It's completely up to you if you want to accept the offer we give you and allow us to help you clear your cases and/or any debt by getting you the best possible settlement.

Client Status Fee

The client status fee covers our initial investigation and research. We check all legal systems and find out what cases, if any, you might have and what it will take to solve them. This fee is non-refundable as we have to do a lot of work on your behalf. It is however, the lowest in the market. After we come back to you (in max. 5 business days) we will present a solution to you on how to solve your cases.

Start-up client status fee
AED 1,995

Only one fee, no matter how many cases you have.

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