Too much debt is never fun

Constantly getting calls, emails, sms and Whatsapp messages from banks, debt collectors etc. can put an awful lot of stress on anyone. Before you know it, It will start to affect your mood, your sleep, your performance at work and your interaction with family and friends.
And, if you don't deal with it in time, it can end with more debt, legal cases, a broken family and even jail.

But don't worry, we will help you negotiate a settlement that you can either pay off in one payment (this might even save you more money) or make a reasonable installment plan, so you can start reducing your debt month for month. Either way, we will help you regain control in your life. 


Happy clients who are now debt free

  • “I am truly thankful for settledebt.today, who helped me clear my debt and I save a good deal of money as well.”
    — Dan Gibon, Interface Designer
  • “The debt case dashboard really helped me get a clear overview and settledebt.today negotiated a very nice loan settlement for me. Thank you po!”
    — Frincess Delaverde, Retail Shop Supervisor
  • “I was getting chased by debt collectors and credit card companies, but settledebt.today made it all go away and helped me save money and get me a great settlement offer.”
    — Samantha Prichard, Architect

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  • 1: Registration

    Add a few details to get started. Basically verify that we have the correct email address and you're good to go. Remember, even the longest journey, starts with one small step - you just took that step!

  • 2: Add cases

    Ok, great, now you're registered, so it's time to add your debt case, or debt cases if you have more than one. It's quite a cathartic, liberating exercise to add your cases here, to get a full view of the issues. For so long you've been putting this off, and now you're finally taking steps to solve it, good for you!

  • 3: Startup

    Now you're case or cases are added, you've checked whether or not you've added all the documents and signed the Consent Form that allows settledebt.today to contact your creditors on your behalf, to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Now you just need to pay the refundable start-up debt management fee. Remember, this will be deducted in the money we save you in your settlement, and if we don't save you anything, we'll refund 100% of the fee to you - great deal right? We call it "No cure, no pay", and no, we didn't make it up ;-)

  • 4: Settlement

    Now we'll go fight for you! Our experienced debt settlement experts will contact your creditor(s) and learn more about your debt situation, and they'll do their very best to get you the best agreement possible. On average, they negotiate a settlement where you save 20-40% on the principal amount - our clients always saves more if they can do a one-off payment, but monthly installments are also acceptable. You can follow the progress, and ask questions, from your personal, secure dashboard on settledebt.today.

  • 5: Debt free

    We've done your settlement, and you've paid it off and saved a bunch of money at the same time, and guess what? You are now debt free!

    No headache and sleeping like a baby nights ahead - congrats! We are happy for you, now go live a happy, debt free life. Don't forget to recommend us to your friends, we want to help as many as possible become debt free and happy.


We can help you in all these types of situations

Debt to banks

Whether it's a personal loans, car loans or another kind of loan to a bank, we can help you settle it. 

Debt to credit card companies

Did your shopping get out of hand or you lost your job so you could not keep up the payments and the collectors keep calling? Either way, we can help you. 

Personal debt

Did you lose your job so you could not keep up the payments or did you overextend yourself and the collectors keep calling? Don't worry, we can help you.

Business debt

Maybe your business is slowing down or you had to close and you can't keep up the payments - don't worry, contact us today and we will help you settle it all. 

Debt consolidation

Too much debt to banks, credit card companies etc. and the collectors keep calling you at home and at work? Let our experts take over and handle the negotiations with them, we will consolidate it all. 

Peace of mind

Having a lot of debt, collectors and banks calling and sending email and SMS can be extremely stressing and unnerving. We'll help you get out of this bad situation so you can start a happy life again with peace of mind.


Our debt consolidation and settlement negotiation experts will help you get out of debt, so you can regain control of your life again.

Sleepless nights, too nervous to pick up the phone or see who is at the door? Let us help you regain control of your life, get out of debt so you can sleep like a baby again. 

Our experienced debt settlement negotiators will take over the communication with your debtors and most likely reach a consolidating settlement that can save you up to 40% of your debt* and end the nightmare you've been living in. 

Contact us today and start becoming debt free and get your happy, peaceful life back again. 

* depending on each individual case

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Get control of your debt with your own personal debt management administration.

Settledebt.today comes with a personalized interface where you add and manage your debt cases, and you can easily see the progress and pending resolution on each case.

One place for all docs and comms

Collect all your documents and communication in one place and monitor the progress we're doing on your cases. Protected by SSL encryption and a strong password policy, only you and your debt settlement concierge will have access to it. 

Dashboard for your peace of mind

Having a mountain of debt weighs heavy on anyones shoulders and can cause stress, sleepless nights or worse. Consolidating it all in one place, easy to manage, easy to monitor will itself be a great step towards peace of mind and better sleep. Our experts also use it to mange each of your debt cases and update you on the progress. 

100% satisfaction or your money back

We would love to be able to work for you for free, but unfortunately we have expenses as well. But we do guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

We WILL save you 1,000's,  10,000's or even 100,000's of Dirhams (depends on your debt) and if we don't, then we will refund the management fee to you 100%. 

We will also deduct this fee in the savings we get you in your debt settlement.

No cure no pay

Our fee is covered in the savings we get for you in the settlement of your debt. Let's say your total debt is 50,000 AED. After negotiation, we manage to settle it on 31,000 AED, that means we saved you 19,000 AED and gave you a peaceful sleep again.

Our fee is 15% of the amount we saved you - we even deduct the management fee in that, so you really pay nothing to us, it's taken from the savings we got you! 

Remember, if we don't save you anything, you don't pay anything! Great deal, right?

Refundable debt management fee
AED 500

Only one fee, no matter how many cases you have. We will deduct this fee in the savings we get you in your debt settlement. If we don't manage to save you anything, we refund this fee to you 100%.

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